For you
Copytrading enables investors to directly copy market positions opened by professional traders. This is one of the most convenient income generation tools for investors and professional traders.
Traders create and maintain their own strategies in ECN.Broker CopyTrading.
Here they are called strategy managers: their mission is to buy and sell assets profitably, so they receive additional reward from their subscribers. A list of the best strategies is generated in real time on the service main page.
Investors choose and subscribe to strategies from the list.
Everything strategy managers do will be copied into subscribers' accounts in real time. Investors don't have to worry about trading: the manager takes care of all the trades.
ECN.Broker CopyTrading has advanced settings and features for convenient strategy management and subscriptions.
For Investors
Harness the experience of professionals

Strategy subscription in ECN.Broker CopyTrading is one of the easiest ways to use traders' expert knowledge in practice. Strategy subscribers save time, but get the same profit as professionals. By subscribing to the strategies, you do not lose control over your profits and you can still close trades and open new ones.

ECN.Broker CopyTrading has advanced settings and features for convenient management of investment strategies and investments.
Apply expertise to your account in 5 steps:
Choose a strategy on the main page of the ECN.Broker CopyTrading service
The manager's commission will be automatically withdrawn from your account for subscribing to the strategy
Open a COPY account and deposit as little as $100
Configure and subscribe to your chosen strategy
Earn profit every time the strategy manager makes a profitable trade
How to choose a strategy
Choose a strategy with the best performance. ECN.Broker CopyTrading contains strategies with different profitability, number of subscribers and volume of managed money. You can estimate the level of risk based on the maximum drawdown. The experience of the manager can be seen by the age of the strategy. Each strategy manager sets its type and level of fees. Choose the most suitable strategy for you based on these parameters
Determine the amount of your investment and how you want to divide it among strategies. Check the recommended investment amount for each strategy. You can open several subscriptions for strategies at the same time on one account, or you can divide a certain amount for each strategy between different COPY accounts. You can open up to 30 subscriptions on one account.
How to set up a subscription
ECN.Broker CopyTrading is a simple and convenient investment tool. The lot size is automatically determined by the ratio of funds on the investor's account to the funds on the manager's account. You only need to make sure that your account has enough funds to execute trades for all connected strategies, otherwise new trades will not be copied. Always make sure that your account has enough funds to make trades, otherwise new trades will not be copied.
You can manage and keep track of your subscriptions on the My Subscriptions page, where they are grouped by account. They can be paused and closed, and these actions will close all active trades in the strategies.
Tariffs for investors
Choose the terms that suit you:
percent of profit
fixed amount per trade
sum for a certain period
Each strategy has its own tariff: choose the most favorable option in the rating. When you activate a strategy with a commission per period, you need to have enough funds in your account to pay the commission, in addition to the minimum deposit of 100 USD. Also, the usual brokerage commission is deducted when making trades on the strategies.
Investing has become so easy with ECN.Broker CopyTrading
Discover new markets and instruments - indices, stocks, commodities and cryptocurrencies - even if you do not understand them yet. Save time and effort: open an account and subscribe to an ECN.Broker CopyTrading strategy and make profits.
CopyTrading is an easy way to trade different markets, finding the perfect balance between risk and return without having to constantly learn the trading and market environment. Maybe you are not so familiar with trading commodities or metals, but want to balance your portfolio? Just choose the right strategy.
For Professional Traders
Get additional bonuses for your expert knowledge.

Open your strategy on ECN.Broker CopyTrading and get regular rewards.
Discover your own trading strategy in 5 steps:
Open a COPY account in your ECN.Broker personal area
Profit not only from trades, but also from each subscriber
Open the strategy by clicking the button on the My Strategies page. Choose the available account and set up one of the three types of commission
Name your strategy, so subscribers understand what you are focusing on in trading. Specify the recommended investment amount for your strategy
Fund your account and start trading according to your expert vision. There are no minimum or maximum deposit limits for your strategy: trade as you see fit
One account works for only one strategy. The strategy account should not contain active subscriptions for other strategies. You must not share information about yourself and your trading style with your subscribers.
Better conditions mean more subscribers
The longer your account's trading history is and the more information you provide to your subscribers, the more likely you are to gain enough followers. You can set up any convenient form of compensation, but try to offer fairly attractive terms to your subscribers.
Being a strategy manager on ECN.Broker CopyTrading means instant execution and copying of trades without requotes. Low spreads, 270+ trading instruments in various markets (even cryptocurrencies!) and leverage of up to 1:1000: ECN.Broker CopyTrading offers everything to make you and your clients an overwhelming success. And - no deposit or withdrawal fees!
Convenient trading and better speed of trades
ECN.Broker is a broker for traders and investors who choose the best conditions and value financial freedom. We have been operating since 2015 and are constantly improving our services and offerings to make advanced market tools and technology available to everyone.

We provide instant interaction with liquidity providers anywhere in the world directly, and traders make their own key decisions or follow proven successful strategies. This is true ECN - and a true broker.
Optimal leverage for trading. Manage your profit and risk
No deposit and withdrawal fees
Minimum entry threshold, special conditions and accounts for novice traders
The most effective financial instruments, selected and tested in practice: cryptocurrencies, currency pairs, stocks, ETFs, commodities, REITs
ECN CopyTrading
  • You can be both a manager and a subscriber
In ECN.Broker CopyTrading you can both manage strategies and subscribe to them at the same time. For this purpose you need to open different accounts.
  • Perfect conditions for trading and investing
Spreads, commissions and requotes will no longer interfere with good returns. There are no more barriers between you and your trading success!
  • Customize your experience
We have collected unique possibilities for trade copying customization. Find the perfect combination of settings to suit your trading style.
  • Always on the Customer Support Team's protection
If something went wrong, don't hesitate to contact Customer Support. We're always ready to help.
  • We are getting better every day
ECN.Broker CopyTrading service will grow and become more and more comfortable every day. We continue to work on the quality of our services. If you have any ideas, suggestions and comments - feel free to share them with us!
User guide
We have prepared a complete guide to investing and creating strategies in ECN.Broker CopyTrading. It describes the functions, features of the service and scenarios that make it the most convenient to use.