Social trading
Invest in the most profitable strategies, create your own and get high rewards from investors.
RAMM - is a secure investment service that allows to get profit on financial markets by following trading strategies of experienced traders.
RAMM (Risk Allocation & Money Management)
Reliability and usability
The platform has an intuitive interface, which greatly simplifies the process of making a profit.
Protection of capital from sudden and unpredictable losses
The system will automatically calculate the lot size for copying signals based on the proportions of your investments and the manager's capital.

To minimize risks, you can choose the copy ratio of transactions and set limits on losses, upon reaching which your account will be unsubscribed from the strategy and open positions will be automatically closed.
High accuracy of copying trading strategies
All copied orders are executed instantly at market prices, which ensures high copy accuracy and gives great earning potential, especially for high-frequency trading systems.
At the end of each trading period, after the close of the trading session on Friday, all traders of the RAMM service automatically accrue profits for the past week.
How to invest with RAMM?
Register. Follow the simple RAMM account registration procedure.
Invest and earn. Choose the best strategies from the rating and invest in them or create your own and get high rewards from investors.
Select an investment size. Make a deposit to your RAMM account in any way convenient for you and invest in the most profitable strategies.
For investors
Copy deals of successful investors
Subscribe to one of several traders from the rating of strategies and their positions will automatically be copied to your account.

Create a diversified portfolio with low volatility, in which the losses of one trader are compensated daily by the income of others.
When creating an investment you need to create an investment profile from several parameters
Goal - set a goal on profitability and get the desired profit.
* Ability to connect to hundreds of strategies on one RAMM account
Protection - set a protective investment threshold and save your capital from unforeseen market situations.
Factor - set up / down copy ratio, thereby minimizing your risks.
For traders
Create your own strategies and earn more
Successfully trading and want to earn more? Create your own strategy, publish it in the rating of strategies and get additional commission for each successful transaction at the expense of subscribers.

New investments into your strategy don't require any changes in trading from you. The RAMM platform automatically calculates the needed trade volumes for each of your investors. Creation of new investments and closure of existing ones is fully automated and doesn't require any actions from you. You can continue trading as you did before, while getting additional profit from your investors.
When creating a strategy, it's enough to specify a few simple parameters
Reward - set the range of reward to 50% and earn additional profit for each successful transaction.
* The best trading conditions and high liquidity
Commission on turnover - set an additional commission on turnover and get even more profit.
Strategy name - indicate the name of the strategy under which the strategy will be published in the rating strategy and will be available to subscribers.